Hey Friends —

I’m Mike. I’m a product developer, dad and part time YouTuber.

I co-founded Zero BS CRM, from startup to being acquired by Automattic where I now help Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses get the most from their CRM.

Here and on my YouTube channel, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and ideas about starting, building and growing your ideas.

Taking a break

I’ve not been publishing quite as much recently. This is because I wanted to take a little break and sort my thoughts out. As a Creator. As an Entrepreneu, as a Father as a Husband and as an employee in tech – It’s easy to always be switched on and keep on producing – even…More

Networking as an Entrepreneur

One of the most impactful things you can do as an Entrepreneur just starting out is networking. In this post I take a look at what networking is and why you should get out of your comfort zone and talk to some strangers.More