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Today, I wanted to write about teaching everything you know. Not for money. Not for fame. Just to be helpful for others.

I’ve got no hidden agenda with this post. No get rich quick scheme. I just want to write about helping to teach everything you know. Something that I want to start doing myself (through this site, my newsletter and my YouTube channel).

Back in 2016, I wrote a post on my WordPress plugin website when I quit my 9-5. I’d been reading this blog post from Nathan Barry after being recommended to check Nathan out from an answer on Quora.

At the time, ConvertKit was doing $5,000 a month in revenue (which is when I signed up) and I was following Nathan’s journey. I was still consulting at the time for one of the big 4 firms – but learning a lot from practically binge reading Nathan’s blog at the time – I remember reading this blog post when I was first starting “online” and thought about doing my own thing. At the time I was too scared. Too shy to get started (but the time to start, is now).

Nathan’s a big advocate of teaching everything you know – but what can I teach you?

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas.

Where can you find inspiration for ideas? What problems are left to solve? What can you teach others? There’s plenty of areas you can venture into and I’d love to share my thoughts on each of them

  • Software – have all the good ideas already gone?
  • eCommerce – It’s just sell, sell, sell, right?
  • Info Products – I won’t teach you to get rich, will you teach me how?
  • Podcasts – is it worth starting “yet another podcast”?
  • YouTube – How on earth do you even get started?
  • Tiktok / Twitter / Instagram – WTF!

I don’t have experience in all of these, but the habits, principles and practices I’ve developed over the past 10 years can be applied to any medium and I want to share my thoughts with you.

Building your audience.

As I write this post, the 2nd on this site, my audience is at 0. My YouTube channel is at 15 subscribers (from when I put a few help guides on the wrong channel a few years ago) I put my first video on my channel only yesterday and my newsletter is at 1 subscriber (me, to test, obviously).

I’m essentially starting from zero. I don’t have any set goals with this website, or my YouTube channel – but if you like what I’m writing about, maybe subscribe to my YouTube channel (or join my newsletter) I’d love it if you did.

Growing your idea / business / audience / product etc.

This is the trickiest thing that all of us are trying to do. How do you get others to notice you. How do you grow your idea and your audience naturally. Without gimmicks, without paying for traffic, without spamming. I’ll be sharing things along the lines of:-

  • How I felt when I made my first $ online.
  • The surprising route I took into making money online.
  • Why starting out to make money, is the wrong thing to do.

Again, I don’t see myself as an expert – I have no BSc in marketing, nor have I worked in a traditional marketing role but maybe I can teach you something.

Exiting your business.

I’ve been through this and it’s what led me to be working at Automattic, it’s the best place I’ve ever worked. If you’re in a similar position as I was about 3 years ago – I can probably help through sharing what I learned through the process (spoiler: I won’t be sharing any numbers, but the process was quite cool). I’ll be sharing stories like:

  • Holy shoot – my side business got acquired!
  • Microacquire, acquisition marketplaces, Flippa (eek).
  • Should you say “yes” to the acquisition dress?

These will be fun topics to cover and I hope you like what I’m planning to write.

Productivity, Time Management, Remote working

I’ve worked remotely since 2016 (and kick-started it with 2 months in Chiang Mai). I now work full time remotely for Automattic and there’s tons I can share here about productivity, time management and working remotely.

  1. How to setup your office for remote work.
  2. Separating work and family life (I’m a Dad to a 2yr old, with another on the way).
  3. Daily routine I follow (A day in the life of).
  4. Eating for energy and how to avoid crashing.
  5. My camera setup for YouTube (disclaimer: I’ve work to do here).
  6. How to get into that writing habit (communication is oxygen).
  7. What stretches I do each day, to keep my body from locking up (yep, I’ve “done my back in”).

Is there something I can help teach you? Let me know in the comments and if you like what you’re reading – I’d love it if you subscribed.

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