Wait, it’s 2022, are newsletters still a thing? They sure are! Is it too late to start one? Heck no! In this post I’ll be sharing about what I’m using for my Newsletter and something new that I discovered by logging back into Twitter…

I’m no stranger to Newsletters. Since 2015 I’ve been a customer of ConvertKit, but for this website I’m using a WordPress native solution (called MailPoet). I’ve got to say, MailPoet is pretty neat and easy to use. I can create a sign up form really easily and have it display in a number of places – I chose below pages for mine (and have it showing at the bottom of my posts).

Creating a newsletter to send out is also really easy to do and you can save your content as a template for future newsletters.

What I particularly like is the ability to have your Newsletter Archive on your Newsletter page so if you missed any of the earlier editions of my newsletter (or want to see what I wrote in the one above) you can, directly from the page.

There’s a couple of things I’d quite like to see from the plugin:-

So, preamble to one side. It’s super easy to start a Newsletter, and it’s not too late either. If you’re writing content you can easily add the weeks blog posts as a section to the newsletter too.

Something new on Twitter…

Well, at least it was new to me. I’ve started seeing Twitter profiles with a Newsletter section directly below it so I did some digging and enabled it on my own Twitter.

0 Subscribers – yay.

That’s Twitter Revue which is on the back of Twitter acquiring Revue about a year ago (jeez, shows how long it’s been since I’ve been on Twitter). That being said, it’s also cool and something which will mean newsletters will continue to be important.

I’ll also be writing about my goal to grow my twitter audience in a future post (if I can do it, so can you!).

Is it too late to start a newsletter?

Like anything, obviously if you started in 2015 you’d likely have a lot more subscribers than you do if you start now but it’s not too late to start.

The important thing is to get started, create that website, add in a newsletter (or, just use Twitter and Twitter Revue to begin with if the website thing is too much). Start creating, start building that audience and get your newsletter off the ground. In a year or two, you’ll thank me.

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