One of the goals I have for 2022 is to start being more active on Twitter and build my audience there. This post serves as the start of the journey marker for me. What’s my follower count at, and what’s my plan.

My humble beginnings

When I first started Twitter (I joined June 2015) I went on a spree of following accounts (some of which would follow back). More recently I’ve been engaging with the platform a bit more as well as sharing each blog post over on Twitter (and only Twitter for now).

It’s moving in the right direction. It wouldn’t surprise me if I even lost some followers from the early days as my account starts to become more active again.


Tweet 100 is a nice little idea, with a hashtag which is starting to trend (maybe just on accounts I follow). The concept is simple, be consistent and tweet something meaningful each day on Twitter and see your audience grow.

That’s my plan, through the really easy auto post to Twitter feature of you can pull a double whammy. You can write a great piece of content on your site and have it publish over on twitter for you. That’s the Tweet 100 sorted (as long as you can create a writing habit).

But.. that’s not in the spirit of things. Through this goal of mine, I want to teach, with no BS, how to grow (or not grow) your Twitter Audience.

I’ll be sharing monthly check-ins on this website about progress for the three four main distribution channels

What’ve I been tweeting?

Here’s some recent tweets from the past week (which aren’t posts auto-published), and you can follow me on Twitter @mikestottwp to have be as part of your feed 😺

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