I’m back again with another short post (it’s actually going to be short this time) touching on my goal to grow my YouTube subscribers.

I wrote a post a couple of days ago about Sharing Your Story on YouTube and today I want to put a flag in the ground for where my YouTube channel is at and what my goals are for the channel.

My main goal is to get better at creating content, my videos seem (at least to me) quite amateur at the moment. I wrote more about my current setup in the post linked above.

Secondary to just getting better on video, I also want to grow my YouTube subscribers to at least 1,000 subscribers in 2022 and I plan to do this through consistent content production and hopefully teaching everything I know.

Since I started publishing videos (I had 15 subscribers from some old help videos I’d put up) I’ve actually lost a subscriber who probably didn’t like suddenly seeing new content pop up from my channel and forget they’d subscribed back in 2015.

Either way, it’s essentially ground zero for me and there’s not much else for me to say in this post apart from wish me luck, and if you feel like subscribing – my channel is here.

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