As you start creating content online, you might be asking yourself.. I should probably record this into a Podcast. You may even be inspired by how Joe Rogan signed exclusive to Spotify for $100m primarily down to his podcast.

But, is it worth you starting a podcast? You’re creating content online, writing every day and even recoding a few videos for YouTube. A podcast is a no brainer – right?

I quite like the idea of starting a podcast – but at this current time in my journey it feels like too much to try and wrangle. I wrote about my goal to grow my Twitter and my goal to grow my YouTube channel starting a podcast right now would be too much.

When is the right time?

I’m a strong advocate of the time to start is now but with something like a podcast, I think you need to have built up an audience to begin with. It’s also a whole different bag of skills running a podcast. You’ll need:-

Phew. It’s a lot to take on board. If you’re into that stuff, and don’t mind cold outreach to try and get guests then good on you. You’re a braver soul than me.

Awww but, I wanna be on your Podcast Mike

Really? Shucks. Thanks. I do hope to start a podcast eventually (check out my about page)

🎙️ I’m starting a Podcast where I’m hoping to chat with people about their ideas, what stage they’re at and the next steps they plan to take.

Mike – About Me

If you REALLY do want to get involved and have a chat, reach out in the comments (or send me a private DM on Twitter) It’d make me super emotional if you do.

young female in sweatshirt laughing at joke
Aww shucks, you want to be on my podcast.

When I do eventually get started in the podcasting space, keep an eye out on this site for what I’m using, how I’m getting along and what I’ve learned along the way. I’ll be sure to teach everything I know.

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