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OK – wow. I don’t know about you, but it was a LOT simpler when there was just Facebook. Heck, it was even simpler when it was MySpace – am I right? 😊 You’re getting started with your idea, and you know there’s those Socials out there – but WTF?! There’s so many.

Getting started on Socials

If you’re starting your idea from zero (just like me – I started this site on 1 Jan) then you might be overwhelmed by how many social networks there are out there now.

OK, I’ve made my site, now I need to:-

  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Get a Twitter account set up
    • Maybe even get “blue ticked”
  • Create a Facebook Page
  • Make an instagram account
    • And one for my business
    • And one for my dog
    • And one for my toddler
    • And one for… eek
  • Join TikTok and make an account there
  • Start a Discord and build in public
  • Twitch stream my Sunday sessions
  • Plus many more I’ve probably not even listed.

Holy Cow. That’s a lot of stuff.

Holy Cow

OK I’ve signed up to all those, now what?

Woah. Stop. Really? I didn’t mean you have to sign up to all of those. There’s far too many to sign up to. Let alone manage them and actually produce content to grow your audience on each of them.

Wind it back a bit. Is there place for all those channels? Sure. In the future. Maybe.

Dr. A. Sensible.

Right now you’re just getting started and trying to do everything just by yourself is a fast track to failure.

My advice would be to focus on one or two, and be consistent. For me that’s Twitter and YouTube. I think that’s more than enough to get started with. Twitter to help grow an audience and bring people to your site, and YouTube to get video content out there.

But, I want to do it ALL!

Then I wish you a luck. If you’re starting out from scratch and manage to get a strong following (without any bot accounts) across all those platforms I’d love to interview you on my YouTube channel.

OK, OK. I’ll dial it down. Which is best?

That’s another impossible question to answer. I’ve seen people do amazing on twitter and have millions of followers and there’s countless stories of people on YouTube doing great things. Not to mention whole business built around Facebook brands and marketing those brands.

I honestly don’t think there’s a single “best” platform socially, it all comes down to your consistency – if you can keep producing content that people can engage with (click through, read, actually watch your video) then you’re doing something right.

Spreading yourself too thin across all the networks I’ve mentioned above will mean you’re either superman and can create amazing unique content on everything, or you’re leveraging re-sharing content across different networks (which, is a nice little productivity hack I’ll touch on in another post).

My final thought

Final Thought

My final thought on all the socials is – they each have their place, but to find “success” on them you need to be consistent in the long run. This means not trying to do too much across all those many places and finding a comfortable limit to what you can produce on your own.

As always, what do you think on this topic? Are there MUST HAVE socials for any new idea?

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