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Howdy, in today’s post I wanted to write about what you surely can’t miss these days. The rise of the online course (and why maybe you create your own course too!).

I wanted to spend a bit of time looking at the rise of online courses, and more recently “cohort based courses”. Cohort based courses are courses which have a high ticket entry, limited seats with live sessions from a trainer or expert in that area.

But first, let me take a look at normal online courses, or “evergreen” courses – and why YOU might want to start one.

Online “Evergreen” courses

There’s literally millions of courses which you can purchase and start learning just on a site like Udemy alone. Here’s some other providers that I’m sure you’re familiar with (and one which maybe you’re not).


Udemy – the OG of courses?

We’ve probably all heard of Udemy. Udemy is great if you want to target a specific skillset (like improving your React JS). Head on over, take a look and delve into any topic that tickles your fancy.



This one was new to me and I discovered it after watching some of Ali Abdaal’s videos over on YouTube. How did I find Ali? Through him being on Nathan Barry’s podcast. Crazy how life finds you new creators from ones you “grew up” following – More on Ali in the cohorts courses.

All the courses so far are free to watch, but teachers get a share of revenue based on view time of their courses (relative to view time of a whole across the skillshare network).

Even do courses

I can’t NOT mentioned courses. If you want to learn more about blogging, or podcasting – you’d be crazy not to check out the courses from the people helping to power over 40% of the internet.


Well, hello new you.

Wow. This one is pretty cool and new (at least to me). I’ve got to say I’m a big big fan of clean design like this and easy to navigate courses.

Cohort based courses

These type of courses have been popping up a lot more recently. Here’s a few which have really stood out to me. I love the concept of going through a course with other like minded individuals with whom you can share your ups and downs with.

Write of Passage

This one I’ve seen mentioned a few times and it takes my top spot. I’ve not actually done the course yet, but it’s the one I’ll more than likely take first – it’s a toss up between write of passage, and the YouTuber Academy.

Part Time YouTuber Academy

Ali has smashed it over on YouTube, growing his account from 0 to over 2.6m subscribers. Wow. That’s some crazy growth (and he started from 0 in 2017 – so not even that long ago).

He’s a fellow brit (we don’t all know one another) – but maybe the key to making your YouTube skyrocket is having a swish British Accent

[Spoiler – it is not. It’s down to charisma, storytelling and straight up hard work and consistency].

Heroic Online Courses

Hi Pat Flynn – you’re the reason I discovered ConvertKit, the reason I found Nathan’s story (back in 2011) and probably what set me on the path I’m on today. Courses will be even bigger in 2022 as well as taking advantage of media such as YouTube and (shudder) even TikTok.

Building a second brain

I’ve heard lots about this course, but it looks like it’s not been switched to taking pre-orders for a book covering what was historically included in the cohort based course. If anyone’s taken it recently, is it still out there?

What are your thoughts on courses? I’d love to hear your views in the comments and if there’s any other courses I should check out, take and write about please do let me know.

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