What is Reddit? Why is Reddit so popular? How can I use Reddit in 2022 to reach my goal? Is Reddit still worth using? In this post I take a dive into Reddit to see what all the fuss is about.

What is Reddit?

Reddit – Dive into anything

Reddit is a social news aggregation service with hundreds and thousands of active subreddits (138,000 active subreddits in 2018). There’s more than likely a subreddit for your niche. Here’s some related to some of the things I talk about on this website:-

It was created in 2005 on the back of an idea by two college room-mates. It was intended to be “the front page of the internet” and where content was upvoted by communities and surfaced to the top.

It’s wildly addictive (I warned you) so lets jump into why it’s so darn popular.

Simple. It’s easy to get hooked. The content is addictive and you can find a little corner of the website directly related to what you’re working on or wanting to improve. But why is it so addictive

I’ve spent a fair amount of time on Reddit. Probably more than I care to admit. As with any pseudo-addiction, the “why do you do it” can be hard to articulate.

Its allure is similar to Facebook in the sense that you don’t go there looking for anything specific, rather, you go to be entertained. It’s not dissimilar from the way you turn on the TV without knowing what you’re going to end up watching, you just look around, and see what’s on. Except instead of a few hundred channels to choose from, it’s the entire internet.

Jake Cunningham – Quora

That articulates it perfectly. It’s entertaining and it does a great job of hooking you and brining you back for more. It’s also one of the “old guard” now so it’s familiar and has built up a community of loyal fans.

The only other comparable I have to this scale of community and loyalty around randomness is Tumblr.

I touched on this above with why people are addicted to Reddit. You can use it to help you increase awareness – but you’ve got to be entertaining. You’ve got to write or create engaging content which people will enjoy reading or watching.

But how do you do that? The key is being consistent. I’ve now been writing content daily on this site and have lots of interesting articles to share. Yesterday I wrote about when should I start promoting myself. You can certainly use Reddit to help promote your idea, your product and your business.

Here’s how to use Reddit to promote yourself:

  1. Find a subreddit related to your niche
  2. Hang out in there, comment on threads and be helpful
  3. Drop a link to content related to another topic if you can help
  4. Share content there periodically that’s useful.
  5. Don’t spam others threads.

The main theme is to just be yourself over there. Link spamming or dodgy content is a sure fast way to get banned from a subreddit.

If you want to really push your content – you could try Reddit Ads but like anything, before you start throwing money at things try the organic, natural approach.

Yes, Yes 100x Yes. If you use Reddit in a helpful, entertaining way people will engage with you. Check out this screenshot below

I found this when researching camera options.

Not only has this person done a great job of making a YouTube video (engaging, with a “reveal”) he’s also put it on reddit, on the related subreddit. The first comment:-

This is a really useful video! I was just thinking about buying a webcam as I’m starting to record more Teams calls, but having seen this, I can’t see a reason to now!

With 68% upvotes, it’s doing well and shows that in 2022, even with the right content you can still make great use of Reddit to get awareness for your ideas, views on your videos and much much more.

What are your thoughts? Do you use Reddit?

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