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In todays post I want to write a bit about selling your business. You might be a bit further down the line and are curious about what’s out there. Let’s get into it.

Why do we start a business?

Is it to exit and have a basement like Scrooge Mc Duck? Is it to help people and you’ve hit that plateau in what you can do by yourself. Or are you happy in your little corner of the internet with that lifestyle business.

Is it something else?


There’s no hiding it, acquisitions have always happened. For the acquirer, a way to buy inorganic growth, add features that would have taken time to build and bring in good people. For the acquiree, a way to capitalise on what cashflows they’ve developed in their business and potentially join a bigger cause.

Here’s a couple of recent examples of the typical acquisitions you’ll see in bigger tech companies. First, Stripe acquiring TaxJar to help them help businesses with tax (a feature Stripe was missing).

Stripe acquires taxjar

Secondly, Automattic acqui-hiring a team doing great work and bringing them into a larger company where their efforts can be amplified.

Automattic acquires Frontity

The underbelly of Acquisitions

OK, underbelly might sound a bit sinister – but underneath all these “big tech acquisitions” there’s smaller services for businesses that aren’t scooped up by one of the big players. Let’s touch on some of those



I’ve never personally used it – but it looks cool and very similar to Flippa. Hat tip to Andrew who is active on Twitter and how I discovered the site.


Flippa has been around for a long time. It’s where you might see domain names up for sale if you can’t find the one you like. On Flippa


FlipWP is a premium listing service where people interested in acquisitions pay an annual subscription fee for access to the list of WordPress businesses looking to be acquired.

But, I’m a small fish.. heck, I’m not even a fish.

Who cares. You’re still YOU. You’re doing great things and sometimes it’s hard to do it alone. It’s hard to find hires, or hard to know if that offer from Company B is good.

If you’re working “online” aiming to help people get better creating content through tools, training or anything else – and are interested in acquisition options, then you could list on any of the services I list above, but why not also reach out to someone like Automattic – who may or may not be interested 😊.

Alternatively, drop a comment below and I can help connect you with relevant people / be more than happy to have a chat about things.

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