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What happened when a truck load of tortoises crashed into a wagon full of terrapins? It was a turtle disaster. OK – Dad joke aside, todays post is about slowing down.

I’ve been writing content every day since 1st January and the content has been jam packed each day. I’ve been writing a lot and it’s time to slow down a little. Why?

This isn’t my full time job. While I’m time-boxing my time on this (weekdays 7-8am) and potentially a little longer at weekends (depends when the lad gets up) I’m noticing a few things:-

  • Writing high quality content takes time. In my 7-8am slot I’m barely finishing a solid blog post.
  • It’s leaving my YouTube schedule pushed and tight on time. Recording a good video, takes longer than “jumping on a quick zoom”.
  • Writing every day, doesn’t mean publishing every single day.

The simple fact that it’s taking me multiple days of writing to create a piece of content – means I’ll eventually get behind, or sacrifice something to get back ahead – I’m the tortoise truck driver, and down the track I can see that wagon of terrapins.

What does this mean?

You probably guessed it from the title of this post, but I’m slowing down the speed of publication of blog posts, from every day to Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

But, my streak.

Well done WordPress, you’ve got me well and truly hooked with these gamification badges. I want to keep up my streak, but I’ll be altering what I’m posting.

It means you can expect good quality blog content on M,W,F but on the other days something a little different. Here’s what I’m thinking, no filter:

SaturdayWeekly NewsletterThe archive is published but a snippet post about this on the blog.
SundaySunday SnippetsSnippets from family life (Sundays are family day 100%).
MondayBlog Content
TuesdayTwitter TuesdayI’ll highlight some of my favourite tweets of the week
WednesdayBlog Content
ThursdayYouTube VideoThe YouTube video from the week before
FridayBlog Content
How things will look

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