Wow. It’s that time of the week again. What did I enjoy on Twitter this week? I tried to find a way to curate these onto an easy to find place (making lists didn’t work) so I’m back to the same tactic as last week, and embed them from my timeline.

This was pretty cool, in all graphs like the below, the start period is always the most inspiring. It took 3 years to get that first traction, then all at once it started to explode. I didn’t tweet scroll as much this week as it was Zach’s birthday (and I lost some good ones) – but here’s a small selection anyway.

It’s no surprise to see a chart like the above, here’s a tweet explicitly about it

A nice post on writing productivity – if you’re looking to ramp up your written content production.

Finally, on the habits of successful creators

The key themes of this final tweet were:-

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