A throwback to an older newsletter today, read on to find out why a throwback.

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Throwback to one of my earlier newsletters today.

All about creating a writing habit

Why a throwback?

While writing my content I wanted to get it to a point where I can have content written in advance. The one piece of content I’ve been writing “live” and publishing the same day is my weekly newsletter.

BUT, I’m expecting a baby any day now (it may even be here by the time you’re reading this) – and I didn’t want to miss publishing some content.

Therefore, the weekly newsletter blog post will in future, highlight the last weeks newsletter (and you can subscribe to get them live).

I might even juggle the days which the newsletter posts go out in future (as currently, it’ll be last saturdays newletter spotlight on the blog, while inboxes will get the current week).

So, a new schedule might look like:-

That way, I’ll still be publishing daily, there’ll be less lag between YouTube + the blog post, and you can still get the Newsletter live by signing up.


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