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Most of my family snippets (Sundays) posts will no doubt feature Zach. Family days we’ll try and do things – you guessed it – as a family.

Again, usually I like to write both Saturday and Sunday’s content actually on the weekend – but Zach is soon to become a big brother and I’m not 100% I’ll be able to reliably post content for a few weeks. So here’s some photos from Christmas.

Toddler helper tower – amazing.

We decided to try and bake some Christmas shortbread biscuits using Zach’s new helper tower – as well as some cupcakes as well.

The shortcakes came out OK, and in case you’re wondering – that’s OUR decorations, not Zachs (I know, they look like a child did them).

The cupcakes, we’d not quite got the icing the right consistency so they were a bit too sweet and too gooey.

But – it was a fun afternoon (but a VERY messy one).

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