We’re almost at the end of February and I realise I’ve not actually published my goals for 2022 yet. How tardy of me. Here’s my 2022 goals, towards the end of the year I’ll be sharing whether I’ve managed to hit them or not.

1. Create daily & not just consume.

This is my main goal of the year. I want to create daily. Whether it’s a blog post, a YouTube video or even behind the scenes planning and strategising where I’ll be creating plans or schedules (see my foolproof YouTube schedule here).

It’s so easy to spends hours watching viral videos on YouTube, or doom scrolling those luxury mega mansions on Instagram. In 2022 I want to produce way more content.

2. Grow my Twitter to 1k followers.

Slow growth so far..

This feels out of reach at the moment. I’d like to continue growing my audience – but maybe I don’t “get” twitter just yet. I’ve not experimented too much with Twitter outside of auto-sharing my content from the site.

3. Get Better at Creating Video Content.

This one is a goal I have for producing better video content. I do a lot of Zoom’s and quite frankly my setup sucks. My videos suck.

I won’t be doing “reaction videos” on YouTube anytime soon. I do however want to produce consistent content in video form, which gets better and better over time.

4. Design a new product.

The key word here is Design – I’m not a designer. Never have been. But I love to learn and I want to use this goal to not only learn to be a better designer. I also want to share this via video content over on YouTube.

Just learning Figma” isn’t a goal I’ll stick to. “Using Figma from scratch to design a new product and share what I learn” is much more fun and gives my goal a purpose.

5. Start drafting “The Product Playbook”.

I’ve already written a book before and quite liked the process. I had an idea for a new book, and I’m writing every day as my main goal. So it makes sense to start drafting the book I’ve had in my mind as a follow up to my Growth book (which you can download for free).

Do you like my cover concept?

The Product Playbook

Sometimes what you’re doing with your product just isn’t working. Tried and Tested doesn’t help. What other plays can you make to help you reach your goals.

6. Create a video course.

I really, really love what Ahmad Awais creates (I bought his VS Code course) and I’d love to create a course myself too. Maybe I’m cramming too much in to my 2022 goals – but if I’m creating a series for YouTube on “Using Figma from scratch to design a new product” it makes sense to re-purpose that into a course (editor’s note: this isn’t the course I’ve decided on yet).

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