Today is another post related to my 2022 goal to start producing more video content. In my first post about YouTube setup, I wrote about what my initial setup was, here’s an update now I’m a month in and past the initial teething problems.

Initial setup recap

What was wrong with the above setup?

It was a good starter solution to get over the fear of putting that first video out. The Logitech camera really isn’t suited for proper video production and my lighting really sucked.

Finally, my image composition and audio meant I was tied to my desk (and too close in to the camera). If I moved away from the camera, I’d move away from the mic more and my audio would suffer.

Don’t get me wrong, the setup I had is great if you’re recording tutorials where you’re sharing your screen – but not so good when it came down to filmmaking.

YouTube progress (lack of)

If you cast your mind back to last month – I was at 14 subscribers last month, and my channel had got 14 views in the last 28 days.

I have managed to release a video every Friday, but so far I’ve not gained any new subscribers yet. I refuse to be disheartened though and I’ll be continuing to keep plodding along.

My setup now

Camera limitations – I think the first thing I’ll upgrade will be the camera once I’m a few more months into producing content. I can’t adjust aperture on my smart phone and I’ve heard great things about this camera (I like how it has an instant background blur button).

What’s next?

I recently decided to spend $48 on the 14 day film-maker course – the instructors are great on video and it’s perfect for the level that I’m at (beginner) – I’m not expecting to become a filmmaker just from this course but it’s certainly proving useful.

It’s also giving me ideas for what type of course I could offer in future myself if I decide to go that route.

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