Every month, I’ll be writing a quick summary post updating on the metrics I’m tracking. This is the first update (covering until the end of Feb 2022).


Website Traffic

Fewer views than January, but I suspect these stats in general also track views from myself.

I quite like the Google Analytics report which shows user trends over time (30 days, 7 days, 0 days).

Slowly growing, which is quite nice. It also shows me which content is performing the best too.

Twitter Followers

There’s not too much available for tracking Twitter followers, so I’m just using the Twitter Analytics charts out of the box.

Twitter in Feb has mostly been me auto-posting content out from the blog, but I did attempt a couple of tweets too.

YouTube Subscribers

Same as Twitter, I’m just taking screenshots from YouTube Studio. Zero growth in subscribers here, I’m still finding my feet with YouTube videos and creating video content – so I’m not beating myself up too much about this.

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