Finding your Target Audience

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I wanted to spend some time writing about finding your target audience, and what’s the best way to do this? Walk through my own process of finding my target audience and my “customer personas”.

Customer Personas

This is where you want to end up when finding your target audience. You can have just one persona to aim content at, or you can have multiple personas and try and reach each of those through your content production.

My overall target audience is people who are either starting, or recently started their own venture, and want to grow it to the next level.

It really depends how much content you want to produce. I’d recommend not having too many personas as you’ll spread yourself too thin and not be able to produce valuable content for those personas.

So, what are MY customer personas, and how did I figure out who they are, starting from the overall target audience, I have two sub-personas to explore.

Wesley Wannabe

Wesley is working a 9-5, but doesn’t have passion for what he does. He wants to get started with his own business. But doesn’t know where to start.

For Wesley, the content here will be getting started. Wesley doesn’t have a website for his idea. He doesn’t have a lot of time as he’s doing this in evenings and weekends so one day he’ll be able to leave his 9-5.

  • Finding your passion.
  • Getting started with a website.
  • Starting a YouTube channel.

Sarah the Solo-preneur

Sarah is a solo-preneur. She’s an entrepreneur building her business and is at the stage of trying to grow her business to the next level.

For Sarah, the content here will be helping with growth ideas. Sarah might be wanting to explore video for marketing her product or service, or wanting to grow her social media following as well as capture and convert more leads.

  • Growing a twitter following.
  • Capturing more leads for their business.
  • Converting leads into customers.
  • Converting customers into loyal fans.
  • Where to collaborate / find help.

When writing / recording new content it’s important that I’m writing with these people in mind.

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