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In this post, I’m taking a look at growing your twitter following. How can you increase your audience on Twitter. Here’s 11 ways to grow your following.

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’re envious of the accounts on Twitter with 100k+ followers. I wanted to spend some time studying them, and I’ve tried to collate some tips for how YOU can grow your own following starting today.

A couple of months ago I wrote about my goal to grow my twitter followers – back then I was at 485 followers, and today, 2 months later, I’m at 493 followers. A growth of 1.5% in two months.

Yikes! That’s pretty slow going. At that rate, by the end of 2022 I’ll be at 533 followers – a long way short of my 1k goal. So how do I go about improving the speed at which I’m getting followers.

1. Share relevant and useful content

First up, tweeting relevant and useful content is the key. As I wrote about in my post about finding my target audience – when tweeting it’s worth remembering you want to be growing your target audience.

Here’s one I tweeted earlier (which also uses tips number 4 and 5).

2. Visual content works

Just posting text tweets or threads can easily be skipped over. Adding media to your tweets can really make them stand out and be engaged with. The same goes for blog posts, you may see a big wall of text and be put off. Or you may see a cute image of a dog half way down the page and want to keep on reading.

closeup photo of brown and black dog face
What are you looking at?

3. Consistency

Tweeting consistently is key. If you’re hardly tweeting then your content won’t be promoted by the twitter algorithm. These algorithms are smart these days. Just like a blog content calendar, you can do the same with Twitter.

  • Each day, my blog will auto-tweet new content.
  • I’ll write some tweets from my desktop in with the aim to fill up all 3 calendar slots daily..
  • I’ll also randomly tweet during the day from my phone.

4. Hashtags

Using hashtags will help your tweets show up in the same hashtag, so if there’s an event going on, you can tweet and hashtag the event hashtag. People then following that event will see your tweet on that feed and maybe follow you.

5. Twitter Threads

This is one way to get longer form content out on Twitter, through threads. It can also boost your impressions as you may publish a 20 part thread and these will be seen by people in their timeline.

Threads are interesting, fun to read and definitely something to explore to grow your content.

6. Follow your target audience

You can upload your email contacts into Twitter to easily find people on twitter. This will help you grow your followers by following them on Twitter.

7. Interact with others

Once you’ve followed people who fit your audience or who you admire, interact with them. Reply to their tweets, like or retweet the content they’re putting out. Remember they are people too and also trying to build their audience.

8. Random Follow & Follow Back 🤞

I’m adding this one as it probably does still work, but you can randomly follow people in the hopes they’ll follow you back – I’m purposely not following random people

9. Give away freebies

Give away free Notion templates, or Gutenberg Block patterns. Then people may retweet you and you’ll get more people check out your profile, which leads me onto my final tip..

10. Have a pinned Tweet

You can add a pinned tweet something along the lines of “I’m Mike, I’m an entrepreneur whose business was acquired. I tweet about starting, building and growing your business. Follow me if that’s your gig”.

11. Bonus: Join or Create Twitter Spaces

These are new on Twitter and they give you a way to bring people together to have a discussion. You can join these spaces and you’ll be visible to other participants who may follow you on the back of the session.

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