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Today I wanted to share how easy it is to get a course system created using just two things. WordPress and Sensei Learning Management System (LMS).

Sensei LMS

Notice how I said system – creating the actual course takes a lot of time to write the content and record the videos if you want it to be a video course. If you’re like me and love learning new skills (getting better on video) having a purpose (a course) is a sure fire way to get you there.

WordPress and Sensei LMS

It’s super easy to create a course using WordPress and Sensei LMS – you install the free plugin and a new “Courses” area opens up in your admin area.

Admin area

From there, you can create, Courses and each course can have Modules, each Modules can have lessons and each lesson can have a quiz. They don’t have to have a quiz, but they can if you’d like it.

It’s quite neat. There’s plenty of settings – but the main one I like is to just use the LMS styles because then out of the box you’re good to go.

Here’s how my course is shaping up (but, I’ll be re-shooting the video, I had differing colour tones on my face from trying to be fancy with my lighting setup)

Sensei course navigation and design

What about paid courses?

If you want to charge for your course – you can do so, but you’ll need the pro version of Sensei. This costs $149 per year, but you get

  • Sell courses
  • Schedule ‘drip’ content
  • Set expiration date of courses
  • Advanced quiz features
  • 1 year of support and updates

The drip content is nice, it lets you make sure students have finished prior lessons before moving on to the next – but the main benefit of going pro, is to be able to sell courses.

Is $149 a year a lot? If you’re running a successful course business, then not really – as long as you’re pricing your courses reasonably for the value they provide, you should be bringing in many times the license fee.

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