This is a re-post of the content from my Newsletter, because I felt it was important enough to warrant being a full blog post too.

Sometimes time gets the better of you. You may have noticed that I didn’t send a newsletter last week, but I’m betting you didn’t even bat an eyelid.

In all honesty, I thought I’d written up to date and scheduled it to go out. In reality, the weeks have flown by with a lot of visitors to see our newborn and everything in the news 😞 which meant the fact a newsletter didn’t go out had totally passed me by.

Often, as founders, builders, entrepreneurs we feel like we need to be always on, producing “something” every day otherwise we’ll lose everything. Even if we’re sick, or if we have a new baby to care for.

Wrong. They key is consistency but you don’t have to produce something every single day as long as you continue to produce content – it’s fine to take “AFK”. In fact, you’ll often come back stronger for it.

What helps productivity

Sometimes you need a rest – some time off – whether it be a day, a week or longer – to direct your focus on what’s more important and be more productive overall.

The same applies to my YouTube channel – I’ve not posted a video there since Feb 25th (it’s no surprise my 2nd child was born Feb 20th). I’ve also been full of a cold for a couple of weeks and I’ve also been focussing on planning my WordPress Course (where the videos won’t be published on YouTube) so I took a short break from creating content on YouTube for now.

If you’re finding it hard to do everything you’d like to do then pick and focus on the most important thing(s) to you right now. You can always pick up the additional things later. For me the most important things recently have been:-

The weekly YouTube videos on my channel will naturally pick up as I’m finding my target audience and working through creating my WordPress course – as well as finding the time-boxed time as I’m settling into my new life as a father of two.

Taking time “off”

Take Aprilynne as another example of taking a break if you need it, she was approaching feelings of burnout again, so took a full break from creating content and feels miles better for it and is now producing interesting content again with a refreshed mind – I didn’t even notice she’d taken the time off.

How about you? Did you even notice I’d missed a week of this newsletter?

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