A shorter post today about consuming or creating content. Which should you focus on and why?

Consuming content

We all do this. Probably way more than we think. Here’s how we consume content daily:-

My bet is you spend the majority of your day consuming content and very little producing content. Consuming content is easy. It’s easy to sit back and just scroll your Facebook feed. You can sit and binge watch Netflix for hours.

Creating content

Creating content on the other hand is harder. You need something to write about, or share. Here’s things you can do to create content:-

Unless you’re lucky, you won’t get on Netflix, or TV. I’ve left email and slack off this list as essentially I see them as time sinks and they get lost. Either in history limits, private channels or in someones inbox. Email marketing is a little different where you’re broadcasting something interesting which can then also be made public – which I count as creating content.

Which should you focus on?

I read recently that in 2022, your content will become your CV. It’s much easier to send or find a link to a website full of great content, than see a one or two pager about your experience (plus, we’ve got linkedIN for an employment record these days).

I’m a strong believer of creating content is useful in the long run, whether it’s just blog posts, or useful tweets. They all add value to the world and will stay available in the long term (as long as your website remains alive).

Making the shift

If you’re a heavy content consumer, then making the shift to being a creator will take some effort. Once you’re into a habit though it’ll get easier and you’ll enjoy the process. It’s even easier if you re-purpose your content to multiple outlets (e.g. tweet about that blog post, do a newsletter roundup of useful blog posts, make a video summary).

Why does it matter?

In the end, content is valuable. What you’re writing about – people will read and engage with. Sometimes you might feel like you’re just journaling but doing so in public will make the web a better place.

Start today and create content. Produce something daily and in a year from now you’ll have an archive of content you’ll be proud of.

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