Taking a break

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I’ve not been publishing quite as much recently. This is because I wanted to take a little break and sort my thoughts out. As a Creator. As an Entrepreneu, as a Father as a Husband and as an employee in tech – It’s easy to always be switched on and keep on producing – even when you’re exhausted.

AFK means “away from keyboard” – like many it’s quite tough to fully step away – especially when writing is your passion and Entrepreneurship and growing businesses is what you love doing.

But, take AFK is what I did these past 10 days. I spent all the time with my family and I caught up on much needed sleep (I’d been writing content after both the kids and the wife went to bed).

My current blog schedule was not sustainable, and I was “chasing the streak” of publishing every day (just SOMETHING) anything to keep my streak going.

But, I lost my streak.

Does that mean I’ve given up? No. I wrote recently about slowing down – at that point I was writing 500-1000 words every day and it was way too much to keep up with. So I structured it a little differently – some different series.

Tightening focus

Sometimes, even what you think is a narrow focus, isn’t narrow enough. In my 2022 goals post I’d set the following goals

  1. Create daily and not just consume.
  2. Grow my Twitter to 1k followers.
  3. Get better at producing Video content.
  4. Design a new product (learning Figma along the way).
  5. Start drafting the product playbook.
  6. Create a video course.

Through the first point I was also trying to publish content daily too. That content wasn’t always the best content.

So where am I with everything else. I’ve actually managed to create the landing page for the WordPress Wannabe Course – but, I still need to record the video commercial for it – which I’m hoping I can nail this week.

I actually managed a take of it, but had caught my camera onto timelapse mode (so it was 6 seconds with zero sound – whoops).

What does it mean for YOU?

If I’m being honest – nothing. There’s going to be less content but hopefully more value in what I produce. I’d still like to hit my goals for the year – however what I’ve learned is it’s also even more important to take sufficient breaks for uninterrupted time with your family too.

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