Starting to write (again)

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Wow, I write a lot of posts like this. Where I promise I’ll be frequent in what I write. Here was the last one.

What’s different this time? Well, I’ve just completed my annual support rotation and in doing so it reminded me how I do have value to add. That my words (and guidance) can help people with their website, their goals and even though I’ll always be developing personally and moving forwards – somewhere, there’ll be someone a few paces behind and might just find that nugget of wisdom to help them along their own journey.

An annual support rotation is something that Automatticians (that’s us follk working at Automattic) do once a year to keep in touch with the people using our products – it’s great because often when you’re working in Product (whether it be marketing, or development, or both) you may lose touch with what matters the most. The people using the products you’re helping to build.

So with me promising to write more – I’m promising that I’ll teach everything I know when it comes to website building, growing your audience and how best to use the products you know and love.

If you’re building your own products – that’ll include what works (and doesn’t) when it comes to onboarding and how best to capture your customers feedback (and build what they want, not what you think they want).

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