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In this post I take a tour around Stripe’s website and look at how they’re set up to grow their subscribers and customers.

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I recorded the walkthrough and you can check it out below.

Creator series

In these posts I take a dive into popular websites and look at how they’re set up to grow their subscribers and customers. Watch them first on my YouTube channel.

Creator landing page

Stripe have a specific landing page aimed at the creator economy here. I decided to go through the site and see how they are capturing leads. This landing page (aka use cases) is sweet.

I know I’m a creator, now I know how Stripe can help me.

Assuming I’ve not found this page yet. It’s actually really easily found from their solutions top level menu and then by use case. Nice work Stripe 👏👏.

Homepage & lead capture form

At the top of their site they have a log in link which has a sign up link if no account as well as a talk to sales page. People will either create an account directly (and then go through onboarding) or talk to sales to get help from the team. Taken from the page:-

Our team can help you:

  • Demo products of interest.
  • Design a solution to accept and optimize payments, add new revenue streams and automate financial workflows.
  • Access custom pricing including cost+ pricing, volume discounts, and more.
  • Get started on Stripe faster with dedicated implementation and support services.

The stripe blog

The Stripe blog is nice. It does well at cross linking to their Twitter account at the top.

The two posts I covered in the video are:-

  • Indexing the creator economy – written in October 2021 and linked from the use case page (update your landing page link Stripe). It has a great video embedded in the post which is worth a watch.
  • The creator economy goes global – written in September 2023 and talks about how the growth in creators making a living online has continued to trend upwards since the original post. This second post has the great stats video which I let play during the video walkthrough.


I couldn’t see a specific Newsletter sign up area on the site, but they did have a call to action to subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed.

Twitter / X

Well done again Stripe, their Twitter is full of great content. They’re building in public and sharing short, impactful product updates along the way. With 232k followers they’re doing a pretty amazing job here.

Looking at their Twitter they also:-


When recording the video, I couldn’t see a Stripe YouTube linked from their page but they indeed do have a YouTube with 19.5k subscribers.

The content here seems a little mixed and less targeted which might explain the lower subscriber count relative to their Twitter / X.

Wrapping up

That’s it for the first post in a series of posts where I’ll review a popular website and how they’re going about growing as a creator.

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