February 2022 Round Up

Here's a summary of my February 2022
Hi everyone

We're now firmly into March - in February I became a Dad for the 2nd time - to another baby boy (called Axel) so I'll be spending time with my new family member.

On my YouTube

I actually managed to shoot and publish 5 videos in January which you can see on my channel. That's one every Friday, which I'm happy with.

On my blog

I've carried on publishing content every day on the blog, but I decided to slow it down and not publish a full blog post every day (which is what I did in January). Rather than list every day's post - I trust you can visit the blog, but here's my highlights:-

Coming up...

More of the same is coming up. I'll be writing some more metrics summaries about how the site is growing (I love a good metrics post) and I've recently enrolled in the 14 day film maker course - it's a little click-baity but they make great videos and I can consume it in my own time, it's aimed at beginners and I'm learning a lot.

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