Creating a writing habit

How do I create content every day without fail

Welcome to the second edition of my newsletter. In this edition I'll be writing about how I manage to create content every day without fail.
My trick here is I like to write content in batches and schedule them ahead of time. Doing this allows me to get content out daily, and covers me if I might miss a day for whatever reason.

I still like to try and write every morning when I wake up. So I'm building a habit where I get up and write for an hour. There's plenty of apps to help you keep track but the best way for me is to see those little dots on the publishing calendar showing me I've managed to get something out each day.

If I'm stacked ahead, so I've got content for a solid run of days ahead scheduled, I'll switch and write for something else (I'll write some tweets, I'll journal, or I'll write and update my content plan for this site).

Some days, I might be feeling a bit under the weather, or I'll have the little one wake up early, so if I miss a day it's not the end of the world. My tip here is to set aside some time, probably that first hour before you start work - to focus on writing.

That way, at least Monday - Friday you'll stick to it and start getting content out there and building your audience.

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