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Carry on with your idea.
Hi everyone

Welcome to another edition of my weekly email on Start, Build and Grow your idea. This week I want to talk about momentum and how to keep on going.

Maybe you started a new idea on January the 1st, or maybe you waited until Jan 3rd (since hey, weekend). You're now firmly 3 weeks in to the new year and you've been putting effort into your new idea consistently. You've got into a habit - but how do you keep up the momentum?
Did you know - it takes less fuel if you keep your speed constant, manageable and avoid stops? It's called rolling road.
Truckers will do this if they're approaching traffic or traffic lights - they'll slow down much much earlier and aim to "roll" up to the traffic - that way if the lights change, or the traffic clears they're already slowly rolling and it's much easier to get back up to speed if they don't come to a complete stop.


It might be hard going, you might not be seeing the same crazy success that "that guy got" who advertised his course to you. But whatever you do, don't stop.
But, how do you keep momentum? How do you keep the right mindset to keep going? Here's 7 things I've found that work great for me
  1. The first and most important is find something you enjoy doing. If instagram winds you up, don't start an instagram account.
  2. Mix it up a bit - you know what you're an expert at and love blogging daily or weekly about it - but you "do this at work everyday" and now you're also using your personal time to write about the same thing. Try mixing it up a bit. This can be quite fun (such as this one mistake I made with my YouTube videos).
  3. Carve out the time in your Calendar. Schedule time where you're going to work on your idea. For me, this is weekends before my little boy gets up where I can be distraction free.
  4. Try new channels. Are you just writing on your site? Maybe give YouTube a go and put some video content out there.
  5. Take it easy. Don't punish yourself if you miss a target (say publishing every day). You can always back-date a post and put double out the next day.
  6. Start sharing your work. Show your work and start building connections. People reading your content are people too.
  7. That person that liked your tweet - reach out, have a chat and start making friends with your audience - ask them what they'd like to see next. When writing or recording something on the back of a request it certainly helps me keep my motivation.
That's all for this week but before you go.... I wanted to touch a little on what's coming up in the next 7 days on this site and on my YouTube channel.

On my YouTube channel..
Coming on Friday, I've recorded a video about how to write engaging content. Be sure to subscribe (and hit that notification bell) to be alerted when it's out.
On the blog I'll be writing about..
  • How soon to start outreach.
  • I wrote an eBook! (and NOT the Call of Duty one).
  • I won’t teach you to get rich.
  • It’s just sell, sell, sell, right?
  • Diving into Reddit.
  • What stretches I do each day, to keep my body from locking up.
  • Should you say “yes” to the acquisition dress?

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