January 2022 Round Up

Here's a summary of my January 2022
Hi everyone

It's the final week of the first month of 2022. In the final week of each month, I'll be using this newsletter to recap the month. Want to read earlier issues of this newsletter - read them here.

On my YouTube

I actually managed to shoot 8 videos in January which you can see on my channel. The latest video I did is the most engaging so far (and took the longest to produce) - check it out by clicking the image below.

On my blog

I set myself a goal when I created this blog to write (sic) publish every day in January. I did not state this as a goal but I managed it.

Coming up...

I'll be writing about how to create the perfect YouTube banner and wrap the month with a post and video double whammy titled "I published everyday in Jan 2022 and here's what happened."

What will happen in February? I have some content planned for February already (copy and pasted from my Simple Note).

- [ ] 1st Feb: How to write engaging content. The WRITE stuff explained.
- [ ] 2nd Feb: How to avoid running out of content ideas!
- [ ] 3rd Feb: Should you say “yes” to the acquisition dress?
- [ ] 4th Feb: 21 life hacks for University life (How I ended up with a 1st).

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