Show your work

It might help others in the same boat.
My first book of 2022 was "Show your Work" by Austin Kleon and I wanted to write about it today.

Show your work
I really enjoyed this book. It was short enough to read quite quickly and interestingly shaped to hold. It covers:-

  • You don't have to be a genius
  • Think process, not product
  • Share something small every day
  • Open up your cabinet of curiosities
  • Tell good stories
  • Teach what you know
  • Don't turn into Human spam
  • Learn to take a punch
  • Sell out
  • Stick Around
It also had a great mix of text and images (some of the pages were just a single image, or quote).

Credit others
Another theme of the book was to always credit others. If you've learned something and are sharing your take on it (like this newsletter) credit back to the author. The same goes for pieces of content or just general inspiration (like this quote from my publishing every day in January post)

Inspired by Paolo and his lovely corner of the web (check him out at: – 2022 was the year where I brought my site to life, chose a domain name (no, I’m NOT that guy from the office) and start adding content.

Rather than do a full detailed book review (which is better suited to a video), I'd encourage you to go and read the book.

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