Creating content is hard

Today I wanted to write about how being a creator is hard!
  • What on earth do I write about?
  • Do people even care?
  • Who am I to say anything on this?
  • Am I taking on too much?
  • Will I still enjoy this in 1 year?
These are alll thoughts that go through my head daily. If you're a content creator then I'm sure you've had these thoughts too. If you're an Entrepreneur - there's these lovely little additional ones:-
  • Will I make enough money to feed my family
  • What if I get no customers for my product
  • Feast and famine of digital product sales
  • Are you pricing your product correctly
  • I quit my job, my idea hasn't taken off, oh cr*p
I've been there, done that.
When I quit my job back in 2016, I did it to focus full time on building a side product. It was doing OK and making enough to get by, but then, in February 2018 it made less than $1,000 in a month and this was split two ways.

I emailed my old boss (they were still advertising for my role that I left in June 2016!) and was seriously tempted to go back. He replied, and unfortunately they're actually just filled the position.

So, we decided to keep on with the idea and keep on producing content (extensions, videos, written content, sponsorships) and things started to gradually turn around. Then almost a year later we were approached by Automattic and the rest is history.

Why are you telling me this?
No matter what you're doing - the key is that you enjoy it. Anything else is a bonus. If your livelihood depends on whether your idea is a success or not then it's too soon to take that risk and go full time.

As for the questions at the top - hopefully my answers can make it a bit easier for you:-

  • What on earth do I write about? Write about what makes you happy, what you think others will enjoy reading.
  • Do people even care? Does it matter?
  • Who am I to say anything on this? You don't have to be a genius, everyoen is unique.
  • Am I taking on too much? It's important to recognise signals if you are feeling overwhelmed, and stop or slow things down. There's no formula to any of this.
  • Will I still enjoy this in 1 year? I hope the answer is yes. If something isn't working, then iterate it a bit until it is.
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Hopefully you'll enjoy what I produce, because I do actually care if you care about what I'm sharing. If you enjoy anything I create, please do let me know.

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