Software as a Service

If you've ever lurked on Tech Crunch, or Indie Hackers you'll see all sorts of ideas for Software as a Service.

I thought it'd be fun this week to list all the software & software services I use, maybe there'll be a diamond in the rough for you. I'll be grouping them into themes so it's a little easier to skip to the sections that interest you.

I won't put too many links, as I like to keep things succinct in my weekly newsletters.

Product Development
  • VS code - A long time Sublime user, I made the switch to VS code.
  • Affinity Designer - I use this because it was a one time purchase. I'm certainly not a master designer.
  • GitHub - for version control it's great. I still use it even when developing alone as I can share code freely.
Content Creation
  • (obviously) - I love WordPress. It's the only software I'll use for blog publishing. I use to take the pain out of hosting companies and having to set things up myself.
  • YouTube - I'm creating video content in 2022+ it's a first for me. Am I too late to the party?
  • Nomad List - I've been working from anywhere since 2016. I like Nomad List because it gives you cool rankings based on cost of living, and other like minded people. It's why I spent 2 months in Chiang Mai in early 2017.

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